Japanese audio pronunciation

Audio pronunciation of Japanese words and sentences (new feature)

Do you know how to properly pronounce a Japanese word? To help you learn how to speak Japanese, we have implemented a new feature in JapanDict: audio pronunciation for all the words and sentences in the dictionary.

We already had in the past pronunciation for some popular words, but we have to admit it wasn’t really good. For example, it didn’t cover all the words in the dictionary and the voice was very “robotic“. Now, and thanks to our Japanese robot friend Mizuki (yes, she is a robot), every word and sentence in the dictionary will have the ability to be listened. Just click on the speaker () icon next to the word and it will be played in perfect Japanese. Although the voice is still computer generated, the quality of the speech is way better. It looks almost human!

Examples of some things that can be heard:

  • Every possible way to pronounce a word
  • Every possible declension of any verb or adjective
  • Every example sentence for any word

Try it now!


Some examples: