New feature: User lists

Since our last update, we’ve been working hard to implement one of the features that we had in mind almost since the beginning. It’s a big update and this was one of the reasons why we implemented user accounts very recently.

We are very excited to introduce the new user lists.

👤 User lists

Have you ever wanted to keep a list of the vocabulary words that you are learning? Maybe you wanted to keep track of funny or interesting words and share it with the world? Now you can create your own lists, add words and keep them private or public to share them with the rest of our users.

📄 Lists and tags rework

When implementing user lists, we took the opportunity to also revamp our lists and tags section. We have separated the lists in several categories and now the lists are better organized and are much easier to navigate.

🧭 Breadcrumbs

With all the new sections and features that we’ve added recently it’s becoming easier to get lost on the website. To avoid that we’ve added breadcrumbs in most pages to indicate the current page’s location within the navigation tree.

🤏 Other small improvements

Other fixes and improvements that are not big enough to have its own category:

  • When clicking a word that has multiple different meanings, it will go directly to the actual meaning.
  • Added an option in preferences to disable automatic redirection when there is only one result in search. This was a request from one of our users in the forum.
  • Fixes in pagination when changing between words and kanji. Another request in the forum.
  • Fixes in the example sentences as discussed in the forum.
  • Fixes in some verbs conjugations as discussed in the forum.
  • Small visual improvements in dark mode.
  • Fixed pagination in small screens, being too big when there were a lot of pages.

🙏 Thank you! ありがとう!

Thank you for all the suggestions and feedback done in the JapanDict forum. It helped us to fix some issues that were very difficult to detect. Please keep sending us your suggestions so we can improve the dictionary!

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