Japanese food in Emoji

The Japanese cuisine offers a great variety of dishes and it’s one of the most healthy and rich. In this second post in this series, we will review some of the icons representing Japanese food in emoji.

Senbei emoji: 煎餅

Senbei 煎餅 is a Japanese traditional cracker.  Usually served as a casual snack or with tea, this rice cookie can have very different flavours and sizes. It usually comes with nori seaweed.

Onigiri emoji: お握り

Onigiri お握り is a Japanese food consisting of a rice ball usually shaped with a triangular or cylindrical form which contains some other food inside. Nori seaweed is commonly used to wrap it and it can contain many different kinds of food on the inside. Nowadays many different kinds of onigiri can be found in any convenience store around Japan.

Rice bowl emoji: Gohan 御飯

White plain cooked rice, known as gohan 御飯, is served with most of the Japanese meals. It’s probably the most important food in the Japanese cuisine.

Curry and rice emoji: Japanese curry カレー

Originally from India and brought to Japan by the British, this popular Japanese dish has has been adapted over time to the tastes of the Japanese people. Not as spicy as the original one and always served with rice, it might come with more or less ingredients.

Sushi emoji: 寿司

Sushi 寿司 is probably the most famous dish in the Japanese cuisine. Made with rice mixed with vinegar, salt and sugar and also raw or cooked seafood or vegetables. There are many different kinds of sushi depending on how the ingredients are presented. The most popular one in Japan is nigirizushi 握りずし: a small portion of cooked rice where the fish is placed on top of it.


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