Okinawa is different

Did you know in Okinawa islands they speak a different Japanese influenced by the Okinawan language? For example, they use ハイサイ (haisai) instead of こんにちは (konnichiwa) to say hello or めんそーれ (menso-re) instead of いらしゃいませ (irashaimase) to welcome you to a shop.

You can find a lot more of words used in Okinawa in our list of Okinawa words.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like traveling to Tokyo and Okinawa? Check this video to see!

Japan 2011 earthquake and tsunami relief

The 11th of March of 2011 Japan had one of the biggest earthquakes in it’s history, creating a huge tsunami which destroyed many areas along the Pacific coastline of Japan northern islands. Many people was dead, injured or missing.

Right now the country is trying to restore the damaged areas and help all the people affected by the disaster. Many international organizations are trying to help with the recovery.

In JapanDict we’ve created a new page with many links to provide help in different ways: